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  • TripFlow
    • TripFlow allows locals to go on it and it will query their Facebook events, social media to list points of interest on a map.
    • You then select points of interest to form a travel guide.
    • It differs from existing travel apps in that, TripFlow is more about events and what locals would do in the city vs tourist attractions

  • VidulyNoted
    • Best Web Dev Hack at MHacks 6
    • Annotate recorded lectures/meetings with collaborative notes mapped to different points in time
    • Used firebase for real time syncing & editing of notes
    • Primarily a frontend application with javascript, HMTL/CSS, Material Design Framework

  • Augmeal
    • Uses Unity, Vuforia SDK and Android SDK
    • Augmented reality android app to preview food
    • Collaborated with student teammates at Hackernest Construct Hackathon

  • Android Artithmetic Game
    • An Artithmetic learning game in android.
    • Utilized eclipse along with multiple classes & OOP principles, which formed the logic of the game.
    • Includes a one player mode with keypad, timer and menu button for options

  • Java Super Paint Application
    • A Java paint program made using swing classes
    • Used OOP principles to abstract various shapes and event handling for drawing
    • Includes various shapes,filled or unfilled option, undo & redo button and different colors

  • Python-ZombieShooter
    • Python Game summative using pygame. A top down zombie shooter